Why go green with Verde Solar Power?

We believe in energy, ecology and economy. Sustainable, independent, clean, cost effective power.

Photovoltaic Solar is the best technology for harvesting sunshine on a residential scale. It is the most obvious answer for growing energy demands. The energy solution literally comes up every morning , especially here in Arizona where we typically enjoy 300 days of sunshine per year!  The best news is that now, with the best incentives ever and the lowest prices ever, it is now affordable for every home owner. The result is an energy solution for our homes and businesses.

It just makes good financial sense! Call today 928-284-0884!
With the new tax credits just passed, solar power now makes good financial sense. With federal and state tax credits, you can end up paying less than60% of the cost for a solar power system. Solar power can give you clean energy while putting savings in your pocket. And with incentives on a decreasing schedule, the sooner you apply, the better deal you can receive.

The federal solar tax credit is now 30% and the Arizona state tax credits adds $1000, making the typical financial payoff time less than 8 years. This Program is intended to help reduce the high cost of producing additional electricity by eliminating the need for more power plants, and to work toward energy independence.

Your system will be done with quality. 
Verde Solar Power uses state licensed electrical contractors specializing in solar energy system installation. We have commercial and residential experience in the electrical industry as well as experience in various roofing systems. All mechanical and Electrical work will exceed local and national codes. We guarantee our workmanship for ten years.

We have extensive experience. 
• State licensed electrical contractor
• Designed by electrical engineer
• Structural installations are professionally engineered

Our solar expertise is outstanding. 
• NABCEP certified
• Certified for SMA Sunnyboy inverters
• Solar software custom designed for Arizona

We know roofs! 
• Sloped roofs (composition, tile, shake, shingle)
• Flat roofs (hot tar, rubber, modified)
• Roofing work guaranteed by licensed roofer

We stand by our reputation. Call today 928-284-0884!
• Drug-free workplace
• Insured
• Licensed electrical contractor
• Locally owned
• Do all phases of design and installation
• Ten year warranty on labor
• One year free maintenance plan

Our pricing is competitive. Call today 928-284-0884!
• Systems designed for optimum cost effectiveness
• High quality / best value solar modules in the industry
• Custom made mounting systems

VerdeSolarPower (VSP) offers a set of financing options: an all cash option, a tax credit loan option, and third, a no-money-down-loan option. VSP’s financing loan options are funded by your monthly electric bill savings. Once VSP loans are repaid, the owner will receive the full monthly savings of electrical power for years to come. Prospective VSP owners receive a financial options proposal, with a project specific design, including installation costs and projected savings.